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Are you looking for Quality, Realistic, and Innovative Automotive & Motorsports Designs?

LOGO USA and Bones Motorsports have teamed up to give you designs and shirts that set your event apart from the rest. These are no ordinary t-shirts. They are extraordinary! Have you ever ordered t-shirts for an event and had to pay Art fees, then Set-up fees, then printed shirts and then shipping? We have Made it Simple with No Hidden Fees!!!

Here is how it works.  1) Select your package.  2)Review the vehicle selection and enter the information in the fields provided.  3) Select your font styles.  4) Select your background.  5) Submit your information for review.  We will e-mail you proofs and go over the details with you prior to production and shipping.   Package D is a complete from scratch design.  We will custom design your shirts from concept.  If you have questions please don't hesitate to contact us. We can walk you through the process.

Please take a look at our large selection of Classics Cars, Hot Rods, Boats, Motorcycles & Heavy Equipment.  We also have a great selection of race vehicles including Boats, Outlaw and Dirt Track, Last Model, Dragsters and more.

Package A - Simple Car

Package - car of your choice.

This package is a simple detailed design that includes your text and vehicle of your choice. We can alter the color and information to your specifications.

Package A
Minimum order 144 shirts.
Contact us for pricing.

Package B - Car with Background

Package B - car and background of your choice.

If you are looking for a shirt that has more detail in the background, then select Package B. We have some great backgrounds. Choices include patriotic, Drive in Theater, Industrial, flames and more.....

Package B
Minimum order 144 shirts.
Contact us for pricing.

Package C -2 Cars with Background

Package C - 2 cars of your choice plus any background.

If you would like a design that includes a couple of cars then this package is for you. Package C includes all of the design elements of Package B plus an additional car.

Package C
Minimum order 144 shirts.
Contact us for pricing.

Package D - Designed from scratch

Package D - custom design based on your photos or ideas.

Can't find what you are looking for? Do you need a custom design for your event? Package D has it all. Send us a quality photo of your vehicle(s) with information on what you would like to include. We will design an over the top shirt for you. Guaranteed you will not be disappointed!

Package D
Minimum order 144 shirts.
Contact us for pricing.

Sample Cars

We have a wide variety of cars in our catalog. To see the examples, click on the type of car from the list below. 

1930's Hot Rods
1930's Hot Rods
1940's Hot Rods
40's Hot Rods
1950's Hot Rods
50's Hot Rods
1960's Hot Rods
60's Hot Rods
1970's Hot Rods
70's Hot Rods
Cartoon Cars
Cartoon Cars
Dirt Racing Cars
Dirt Race Cars
Misc Motorsports
Misc. Motorsports
Late Model Cars
Late Model
Open Model Asphalt Race Cars
Open Model Asphalt
Stock Cars
Stock Cars
MVintage Drag Cars
Vintage Drag Cars
Modern Drag Cars
Modern Drag Cars

Please contact us for custom art fees.

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Flames and Stars Gas Station 1 Patriotic
No thanks Stars & Flames Gas Station 1 Patriotic
Industrial Drive in Theater Old West Wanted Poster
Industrial Drive in Theater Old West Wanted Poster

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Car Hop Other

Car Hop

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